Wham! It sounded like a car hit the window …

We had just finished lunch at a cozy little diner when WHAM! It sounded like a car had hit the window. We rushed out and saw a poor fellow lying dazed on the sidewalk. He had tripped and fallen and really shaken himself up. A bunch of us from the restaurant were there seeing what we could do. We helped him slowly get up and we chatted a bit while he got his bearings. That was quite a fall! But he was fine, just a little shaken, and we helped him on with his coat and he thanked us with a smile and turned to go. But wait! I spotted the culprit! One of his shoes was untied. We walked away once we saw that he was OK. I felt really wonderful that we were able to be there for this guy. He was extremely grateful — and so was I for the opportunity to show my kindness.

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