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4 thoughts on “Share!

  1. Today I helped Ms.Penny in after school when she dropped some pins on the floor ……… I helped her pick them up. (Then every one else joined in.)

    Helping is like 100$
    every one is happy!

    By: Skyler Hennion. :) ;)

      • I have a marvelous seven year old daughter: Skyler. You might have heard a little bit about her in the other comment. The one about when she picked up the pins that had dropped on the ground in after school -Anyway, she is a wonderful child who I think will grow to be a wonderful person! I think that if I wasn’t her mother and I was in school with her, I would definitely want to be her friend. It’s easy to like her once you get to know her more. When I was in school I didn’t have a friend as good a friend as her. That’s why I’m proud that she’s my daughter -And a great friend to other people.

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